Buying without Taobao agents

Easy Steps on How to Buy from Taobao Without Agents

Taobao is an online store in China that can easily match eBay or Amazon in terms of size and inventory. Currently, this online store boasts of having more than a million products in its inventory.  Businessmen from other countries were attracted to the low prices. Calculating the profit that they can realize by purchasing from Taobao the goods that they sell in their own stores in their home countries, they exert efforts to be able to buy from Taobao to the point of hiring buying agents. Buying agents are individuals who act as purchasers for foreigners since the store requires a specific mode of payment that is only found in China and shipment is only available for people living in China. However, some issues with regards to the honesty of buying agents have made this method of buying unreliable. Hence, customers from outside China were eager to learn how to buy from Taobao without agent. The opportunity came when ebookgolive published a guide to buying from Taobao. Using this handbook, people were able to buy from the store directly and the need to hire a native Chinese as purchaser was eradicated.

The book resolved some of the issues that customers encounter while using the services of buying agents. One issue is the time it takes for products to be delivered to them. It takes twice the length of time needed for the merchandise to arrive since it has to be shipped to the agent’s address first, then to the customer out side of the country. Consequently, expenses for shipment are also doubled. Another issue is the safety of the items. Too much pressure from handling and transporting the goods can cause dents, breakage, and other sorts of damages. Last is the trustworthiness of the agent. A few customers have been scammed or their personal details stolen. For these reasons, the importance of finding the means on how to buy from Taobao without agent has been a concern for the store and for the clients.

How to buy without agentsFortunately,  a company selling ebooks realized the value of a new platform that will eradicate customers’ dependence on agents to do business with Taobao. An ebook that also serves as a handbook to Taobao users is now available at Learn how to buy from Taobao without agent from this handbook. The first step that you must take is to purchase this handbook from Download it in your personal computer and you are now on your way to enjoy hassle-free shopping at Taobao. After you have installed it in your computer, you can use the search bar to fid products that you want to purchase. Navigation is fast and easy and you can check several products and compare brands and prices easily. The names of products and the prices are in English. Likewise, there are product details, descriptions, and reviews that will help you make wise choices when shopping.  After choosing the products you want, you can now fill your cart and proceed to checkout when you are done. You can use your Visa Card, Master Card, and other globally recognized modes of payments. Orders are shipped directly to your address and this reduces the waiting time for the delivery of the goods that were purchased.

Using the ebook is one best way on how to buy from Taobao without agent and saving yourself from the risks that using the services of an agent poses. Through this handbook, customers can read the return and exchange policy and how to file a complaint if they are not satisfied with the products and services offered by Taobao. The instructions are in English so that they are easy to understand. In addition, Taobao has customer service representatives that can chat with the customers and answer their questions immediately. They can assist clients who want to negotiate with the different sellers in the web site in order to strike better deals and get the best prices.

Aside from giving customers a way on how to buy from Taobao without agent, the ebook gives users lots of useful information about China and the Chinese way of life. It is evident how the culture of a people affects the way they conduct business. Knowing their business practices is important in order to strike good deals and bargains and to negotiate with the different sellers in the web site. The readers will be given a glimpse of Chinese culture and the beautiful places in China that tourists can see and enjoy. There is also a list of hotels, restaurants, and amusement centers that people visiting China will be interested in. Get your copy of the handbook and learn how to buy from Taobao without agent. A single purchase of the handbook will assure you of long term convenience in shopping at Taobao.


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