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Buying without Taobao agents

Easy Steps on How to Buy from Taobao Without Agents Taobao is an online store in China that can easily match eBay or Amazon in terms of size and inventory. Currently, this online store boasts of having more than a million products in its inventory.  Businessmen from other countries were attracted to the low prices. Calculating the profit that they can realize by purchasing from Taobao the goods that they sell in their own stores in their home countries, they exert efforts to be able to buy from Taobao to the point of hiring buying agents. Buying agents are individuals who act as purchasers for foreigners since the store requires a specific mode of payment that is only found in China and shipment is only available for people living in China. However, some issues with regards to the honesty of buying agents have made this method of buying unreliable. Hence, customers from outside China were eager to learn how to buy from Taobao without agent. The opportunity came when ebookgolive published a guide to buying from Taobao. Using this handbook, people were able to buy from the store directly and the need to hire a native Chinese as purchaser was eradicated. The book resolved some of the issues that customers encounter while using the services of buying agents. One issue is the time it takes for products to be delivered to them. It takes twice the length of time needed for the merchandise to arrive since it has to be shipped to the agent’s address first, then to the customer out side of the country. Consequently, expenses for shipment are also doubled. Another issue is the safety of the items. Too much pressure from handling and transporting the goods can cause dents, breakage, and other sorts of damages. Last is the trustworthiness of the agent. A few customers have been scammed or their personal details stolen. For these reasons, the importance of finding the means on how to buy from Taobao without agent has been a concern for the store and for the clients. Fortunately,  a company selling ebooks realized the value of a new platform that will eradicate customers’ dependence on agents to do business with Taobao. An ebook that also serves as a handbook to Taobao users is now available at Learn how to buy from Taobao without agent from this handbook. The first step that you must take is to purchase this handbook from read more

Buy safely

How to Buy In Taobao safely? Buying from a foreign online portal, especially Taobao might turn out to be a ridiculous experience if you happen to meet unreliable seller. Many of us are aware of the rating system followed universally on auction marketplaces and Taobao is no exception to that. Some EBooks are available online to teach you how to buy in Taobao. Using these eBooks as a buyer’s Bible offers hands-on help for successful buying on Taobao. There are chances that you may face huge language barriers; however, these EBooks offer step-by-step instructions with appropriate illustrations and screenshots of concerned pages. Buying on Taobao is not a Herculean task as some of you may think of; in fact, it is more challenging and rewarding too. Taobao is one of the largest online marketplace, with over 800 million products and choosing your favorite piece is instigating. You need a peculiar focus on features like: How to find good product using the search tool How to find trustworthy seller How to identify the genuineness of the product How to determine the sanctity of the seller Answers to these questions are important before you pay online. Fortunately, unlike in 2012, Today Taobao accepts various payment modes. Therefore, rest assured you find most suitable payment gateway for buying on Taobao.   What’s In the Store with the Search Tool? The search tool on Taobao is a fantastic utility designed to offer a seamless interface. Finding the right product from over 800 million listing is not a tough task with this smart tool. Many online auction marketplaces offer sorting of search results and on Taobao, numerous sorting options are available for precise find. Search result sorting parameters available on Taobao are Price New additions Sales Popularity Seller reputation Understanding these tools proficiently makes you learn the first and the foremost step of how to buy in Taobao. The fun begins when you start mastering the game of online shopping on a totally foreign language platform; however, stay tuned with you eBook it has more to offer. What Additional Features You Should Look For While Shopping On Taobao? In addition to the search tool, Taobao offers a plethora of tools to simplify your shopping experience and fill lots of fun in it. No wonder that is why Taobao is one of most visited website globally and millions of worldwide buyers need to learn about systematic shopping on Taobao. Many service related features are available on... read more

Buying from taobao

Have you ever heard of ebooks? If not, then you’re certainly missing half of your life because these ebooks are your gateway towards a much more convenient and comfortable way of reading books. With these, you no longer need to go to public libraries or bookstores just to get an access to books you need. All you need to have is an internet access and a device where you can download the ebooks then you are good to go. Now if you’re interested in knowing more about China then you should try taobao online shopping at What is Taobao buying? Well, just so you know, this kind of online shopping platform gives all people who are interested to know more about China and everything about it including the travel places, foods, culture, lifestyle, electronic gadgets, apparel and much more than your imagination. It is the largest online marketplace from China and to easily access it we have eBooks on our website. Our latest eBook “The Handbook for buying from” is for individuals and business houses who want to use this online portal to buy products at competitive prices. One of the main selling points of buying from TaoBao is its user friendly interface which makes it easy for anyone to navigate the whole website, search for good items and read interesting blogs about China. Not all online shopping websites are good enough to be used. The eBook uses a very easy and convenient language  with features that maximizes its flexibility and efficiency in the most convenient way possible.  We have tried to explain all the steps very carefully keeping in mind the language barrier. Don’t know how to buy in taobao? It’s easy! Once you have placed an order of the eBook you seem to be interested at,  the next thing you ought to do is to simply installed the book on your desk top, and then you can start right away. The eBook is in PDF format and easy to read on any mobile devices as well. We have tired to explain good things about TaoBao online shopping like the fact that it provides a safe and secure way of transaction. This only means that any item you want to order will be sent to you without any hassle. Come on. Don’t miss this chance to get everything you need such as guidelines, information, details, tops, suggestions, resources and recommendations under a single website. Get more ideas on how this... read more

Our offers

On this website you can find a plethora of information about Chinese culture, the Chinese way of doing business and an impressive array of eBooks about China. Also, you will find eBooks about Chinese culture, about Chinese tradition, the lifestyle, travel and glamour of modern China. We know that if you want to make profits you must know a bit more about Chinese culture, this is why our website will introduce you to useful eBooks about how businesses operate in China. What are the state rules for starting a business in China or how to earn money with wholesaler websites from China. We are especially proud of our recent eBook called ‘The Handbook for Buying from This eBook highlights all the key functions of, it is basically the best online guide on how to earn money with websites such as Taobao. We only provide quality literature, we are focused on providing you with business ideas that can significantly increase the revenue of your company. We will also introduce books for young entrepreneurs that have a passion for Chinese products and want to create a strong business relationship with Chinese manufacturers.  Such information is useful not only for real brick and mortar business managers but also for online marketers. We mainly focus on online marketing because we know that this type of marketing is revolutionary in cutting costs and bringing people together. We know that while the online environment may provide you with some cost benefits, it is also important to know how Chinese businesses operate in the online environment. We also want to provide you with quality eBooks on how to learn the Chinese language, introduce you to Chinese traditions and we hope that by doing so we shall increase your appetite for investment in China. We shall also launch a travel page with important information for business customers. We shall focus on travel information about wholesaler tradeshows as these are of particular interest for people who want to start a business in China. On our travel page you shall find important information about Chinese traditions, the ideal time to visit China or why you should visit China. I promise you that you will be impressed by the huge potential that this country has to offer you, it will definitely broaden your cultural view of Asia and may change the way you view Asian culture. If you are a student and want to learn a lot about... read more

Travel places China

China is such a vast country with so many people that almost everyone can become fascinated by it, this is why we want to introduce the most up to date book about travel places in China. When you want to embark on a journey in China you will surely encounter a lot of difficulties, from changing money to using ATM’s almost everything can become a tremendous problem. For this exact reason I want to help you find up-to-date eBooks about the most important issues that you can encounter via your voyage to this great country. Imagine arriving in China and not knowing how to properly use a cell phone, imagine that you need to buy a new mobile phone SIM card and you may ask yourself: where do I buy one? How can I buy such a thing if I can’t speak proper Chinese. My advice is to stop letting yourself discouraged and always remember that not even the Chinese know the entire language and symbols well simply. Remember that China is a vast place and the Chinese language is quite complicated to say the least. The first thing that you should do is to buy one of our eBooks about learning the Chinese language, I guarantee you that you will find it more than useful. There are many travel advices that you can find in our books about travelling into China, you will find important information on every aspect. This eBook will guide you on hotels, rest rooms, guest accommodations, restaurants, places to visit, museums and lot more. You will also find information about some high quality hotels that may provide you with excellent meals, the best spa’s in town and much more. If you want to discover China keep in mind that you are just one click away from discovering an amazing culture, a great nation that is willing to share its secrets with you and missing this opportunity would be quite a pity. Traveling into a foreign place is not an easy task but travelling to a place like China is quite hard if you do not know the Chinese language. Fortunately you can find a ton of eBooks about the Chinese language on our website, a lot of our customers are young businessmen who want to travel to China and want to learn Chinese. We also have a lot of students who want to learn more about the Chinese culture. Keep in mind that only... read more

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